Monday, December 10, 2007

Best-Laid Christmas Plans

I guess it's about time for another Christmas memory, having taken a few days off from this venture. I'm starting to wonder how many more of these I can post. Some of my memories may be a tad uninteresting to anyone who doesn't know me personally...and maybe even to those who do know me personally. I probably would bore you to tears. But I digress.

I remember one particular Christmas - I don't remember how old I was - when I decided it would be fun to go looking for the presents. If I had to guess, I was probably 10 years old. Now in order to understand the humor of my idea, you must know that I was the "good" daughter, meaning my sister was known for sneakiness and mischief. (Sorry, Kath.) It was totally out of character for me to go sneaking where I knew better than to be going.

I knew where Mom hid the presents. Up in her bedroom closet. I don't remember how I knew that, but it's not like we never went in their room. So how could that be such a big secret? But you see, this is evidence enough that I was known as being the good girl because they assumed I would never go up snooping in the gifts. My sister would be much too short at the age of 5 to reach the shelf in the closet.

So I dragged a chair into their bedroom and got it situated for the best access to the presents. Then I went and got Kathy and told her to stand on the chair and tell me what she could see. So you see, I was NOT the actual one snooping. She was. My plan was brilliant because I had not stood on the chair, and I had not looked through the packages. Yes, it was brilliant... unless you forgot to make a solemn pact with your sister that required her death upon divulging any information to the parents.

She gave us up! And yes we were threatened with the, "We're taking all your presents back, and you're getting nothing for Christmas." I don't remember if we got spanked for this offense. Most likely we did because it was a pretty big deal, especially for ME. That was the first and last time I went snooping for gifts. Really, it was.

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