Monday, December 03, 2007

Photo Tag

This is just for Amanda. I'm trying to win a Christmas giveaway during her oh, ho, ho! event.

This is a Hallmark ornament I bought several years ago when I worked at a Hallmark store. I just think it's cute... mice and a Hershey Kiss. Do you know that mice actually love Hershey Kisses? Yes, if you're using a mousetrap, you might try baiting them with a Kiss and see what happens. Mice love chocolate.


  1. What a cute ornament! I love hershey kisses! When I was in elementary school we went to Hershey, PA and to the museum/factory. I thought I was in heaven!

  2. Cute! Is that true....that thing about mice liking 'kisses'? I wonder how one knows these things!


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