Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas, Puppy!

I've got a story to share today. It's sure to break your heart, especially if you love animals. Rich works at a superstore/supermarket, and as he was leaving work this afternoon he witnessed a peculiar thing. He said that because of all the snow we've gotten, there's a big pile that's been plowed over to the side of the store. He watched a car drive up next to the snowpile, a person get out, place a puppy in the snowpile, and drive off. He yelled after the guy, "Hey! What are you doing?!?" Another man and his two children were walking toward the store and also saw what was happening. He called after them, asking what they were doing. He yelled that they didn't want the puppy anymore, and the petstore wouldn't take it back. He cursed at the man then drove off.

Rich went and talked to the concerned father. He told him we already have a dog and couldn't take it in, but he'd be glad to take the puppy to the Humane Society. His kids were like, "Oh Daddy, can't we keep it?" He told Rich there was no need to take it to the shelter. They would take it home with them. He asked where he could find a good vet, and Rich recommended one up the street.

Can I get a collective "Aaaaaaw"? Can you believe this man chose to take that puppy home right then and there? At Christmas? How precious is that?

This poor little puppy was going to be abandoned in a snowbank today, but a very kind man saved him. How could I not share this sweet story?

Merry Christmas, puppy!

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