Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas With the Family

Well, folks, I managed to get through every Christmas practice, church fellowship, and family gathering by indulging in only ONE sugar cookie. I can't believe I did that! People said it couldn't be done (people=ME), but it really can be. So to celebrate such a feat, I devoured an entire package of Oreos today.

I'm kidding.

My family had our traditional "Finger Food Christmas Eve". That's when we gather on Christmas Eve at my parents' and eat... well... finger food. Shrimp, meatballs, BBQ smokies, cheese & crackers, veggies & dip, little pigs in a blanket. Stuff like that.

In my earnestness to stay true to my First Place commitment, I prepared (or attempted to) several low-sugar low-fat treats like no-bake cookies (2 kinds), rice krispie bars, and a pecan and graham cracker thingy. Would you believe that NONE of the recipes were any good?!? Totally inedible. Translation = YUCKY! I really tried. :(

I took my guitar this year, hoping to sing carols with my nieces and nephews. I wasn't sure if they'd be game because we've never done that before, but they were great. They named a song, and we'd all sing. Dad sang as he passed through the living room. Mom was singing from the kitchen while she continued to prepare the food. It was a really nice thing, and I'm glad I did that this year.

Another enjoyable part of the evening is when I got to give my sister her gift. This was the big surprise of the year. Since I took up crochet this summer, she thought that I would be crocheting her something. I totally threw her for a loop, though, and I made her a no-sew fleece throw. She's been wanting one for a looooong time. There's a story behind that. There is a lady at church who has been making these fleece throws for several years for every new baby that is born into our church. They are THE treasured gift at every baby shower. We all sit with bated breath, waiting to see the throw unveiled and find out what motif she used for the new one. Every time Kathy sees one she says, Hey, when am I gonna get one? They are so warm and soft and snuggly good. We've heard of some new dads who steal the coveted baby fleece throw from their infant and to cuddle up in front of the TV. Can you imagine? So somehow during the weeks leading up to Christmas it dawned on me that I should make her one. So I did. And that was the big handmade gift issue I had last week. They're not as easy to assemble, if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

I only took a couple pictures, and none would be worth sharing. My sister, though, had some fun ones that her hubby took. My favorite out of all of them is a picture that my niece *K* took of me. She's 6 years old and may have a career in photography in her future. I think she captured my best feature... my cheekbones.

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