Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Well, another Thanksgiving has arrived. It's hard to believe that time flies that fast. I'm getting ready to cook in a little bit. I just have a pie to throw in the oven, corn bread to cube for my Cornbread Apple Stuffing, and I need to look over my recipe for candied yams. I'm struggling with some post-nasal drip, so I'm hoping to get a nice, warm cup of tea pretty soon to soothe my throat.

We're going to my parents' house today, just me and Rich. We were going to take Dixie, but she seems to be having some tummy issues today (already had an accident in the house). Rich said she's not going. That bums me out a little because I really wanted her to come with us.

I also had to make an attitude adjustment this morning... yes, already! I manipulated a situation with Rich because I wanted him to do something. I got frustrated, mad...then I pouted. After he suggested I may need to spend time with the Lord, I asked forgiveness. I realized then that if I had only asked him to do something I needed him to do, he would've done it.

So I'm back on track now. I'll try to behave the rest of the day.

I better get into the kitchen. Food doesn't prepare itself...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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