Sunday, November 25, 2007

Preparing for Christmas Blogging

It bugs me that I haven't written a thing since Thanksgiving. It isn't that I haven't tried to, but it's more like I've been feeling some weird emotional stuff that sort of caught me off guard. I want to get back at this writing thing, though, so here I am. It'll be a quick one because it's Sunday afternoon, and you know where I will be - napping! Need to get that in before I go back to church for choir practice.

Over Thanksgiving I was able to scrounge through photo albums at my parents' house, and I found some good Christmas pictures from childhood. Unfortunately, I also found some old school pictures that I would just as soon forget about. (sigh) Back to the Christmas stuff... the memories have been stirring, and I'm going to have some to share in my December blogs now and some photos to show, too. You're welcome to come back for the ride down memory lane with me.

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