Monday, November 26, 2007

Excuse Me While I Rant a Bit

I'm feeling a bit miffed at a blog I read last week, and I've decided to sound off about it a little. I wish I could find the link to where I read this, but unfortunately I haven't been able to locate it again. The blogger is apparently a blog "expert", and he gave a list of 20 some things that you should not use on your blog to keep it clean, interesting, and cause readers to come back for more.

One comment he made, though, really set me off. He said something to the effect of ... A blog is not a personal diary. Nobody wants to hear about your daily life because that's not interesting.

I think that's just stinky! The definition of a blog, according to Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English, is...

an online diary; a personal chronological log of
thoughts published on a Web page

Seeing that a blog is defined as an "online diary", I'm not sure where said blogger gets off saying it's not a diary.

I personally find lots of personal blogs very entertaining. Most blogs I read are written by moms telling about life with their kids, and I don't even have kids. Yet I still find them interesting. You should see the list I've got going on My Yahoo, and I don't know any of these people personally. Yet I find myself watching for their latest posts, so I can go read them. In fact, I can hardly stand it if OhAmanda hasn't posted in more than 24 hours. (She's my favorite!)

As to why I find all of these strangers' lives interesting... that's still to be answered. Part of it has to do with the WAY they write. They're amusing! I also enjoy the spiritual aspects. I want to know what Christians out there are thinking and learning. I would also say that they help me learn to blog. I read about other people, and it jogs thoughts in my own mind. That aspect has helped me tremendously. So I guess you could say I read blogs to blog. Yeah.

So here are a couple of my favorites, just in case you might be looking for an entertaining blog to read.

  1. Discovering Liz (That's mine. Did you think I would leave it off the list?)

  2. OhAmanda!

  3. Because I Said So (She's writing a book & was recently made famous by her eBay auction)

  4. BooMama

  5. A Coach For Life

So, fellow bloggers, keep it up!

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  1. I'm blushing! For real.

    I know, I've read that same thing fact, a blogger I used to really read every day said something like, "I'm not going to tell you what we did all day today. The internet's full of blogs LIKE THAT." And I thought, "Who are you high and mighty blogger?" I think that's what makes blogs so fun. I want to know the day to day of my real life friends, and the friends I've made online are the same, I want to know their day-to-days, too! Keep up your online journal!!

    (sorry to ramble...)


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