Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My List of Sevens

I'm too tired to get deep and reflective tonight, so all you get from me are these lousy lists that are supposed to somehow help you, the reader, get to know me, the blogger, better. Enjoy!

7 Things to do before I die:

  1. Write a book
  2. Write a song
  3. Live to be 85
  4. Get another Sheltie
  5. Share the gospel
  6. Overcome my fears
  7. See my nieces and nephews get married

7 Thinks I say most often:

  1. Okay
  2. Good
  3. Anyways
  4. Good girl, Dixie
  5. I love you, Dixie
  6. What?
  7. I don't know

7 Books that I love:

  1. The Bible
  2. When I Don't Desire God by John Piper
  3. Battling Unbelief by John Piper
  4. God is the Gospel by John Piper
  5. Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin
  6. Faith is Not a Feeling by Ney Bailey
  7. Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur

7 Movies that I watch over and over again:

  1. White Christmas
  2. Remember the Titans
  3. Anne of Green Gables
  4. You've Got Mail
  5. Princess Diaries
  6. Star Wars (all of them)
  7. Rudy

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