Friday, November 16, 2007

Still Running

So this is what I did today. It's Friday, so I kept another commitment to a day I've chosen to run. I thought I'd just give an update on how things are going.

It has still been tough. I'm working on starting to run at the same spot at different intervals around the park. On my second and third laps I like to see if I can push past the set landmark to increase my distance. Sometimes I make it, and other times I don't. But it's a matter of perseverance. I just keep going now, instead of asking myself things like, "Why am I doing this anyway?" I feel like I'm in training. Not for a marathon. Not to beat some time record. Not to be the best runner ever. I'm training for life...spiritual life. It's that self-discipline thing that God has been trying to drive home with me for months. This is such a practical way for it to play out in my life.

Looking at running with spiritual eyes gives great perspective. It's so comparable to our spiritual battle. Sometimes I feel like I could run hard because I feel physically strong. Other days I feel lonely and couldn't hardly go on. At times I'd rather be alone, and there are times when I couldn't make it without a friend beside me. Isn't that how it is spiritually? We have mountain-top experiences with the Lord and feel like we could take on anything because we're so zealous. Then there are those days where we feel heavy oppression and cry because everything feels so hard. We go through alone times where God is the only one with us. And sometimes he sends a friend to walk alongside to keep us accountable and remind us that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. I enjoy considering the comparisons.

Today seemed to be a day to push hard. I could feel it. My legs wanted to give out many times, but I just kept pushing. Now I'm feeling it, though. My calves hurt within an hour of arriving home, to the point it was uncomfortable to walk. So I have to share this funny moment...

I emailed my best buddy and told her my legs were really sore, and she gave me some suggestions. It was pretty hysterical when I read them. Not that SHE was funny, but how I read it was funny. The first bit of advice she gave me was "ice cream". What?!? I read it again. "ice cream will help..." Huh? Finally, after the third time of reading it I saw what was really written - "ice THEM" Duuuuh!!! Yes, of course. Ice my calves, and it will help with the discomfort. That makes total sense. Ice cream? That does not make sense at all. Just goes to show you what I dwell on - FOOD. But I still think ice cream couldn't hurt...

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