Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love These Links

I've collected another handful of interesting links this week.  You might check these out. HTTP image

"Fall Into Reading" Challenge - If you're a heavy reader like I am or wish you had a little more motivation to read, you should check out this gal's blog for her fall reading challenge.

Whatever - I liked the challenge on The Simple Wife's blog yesterday.  It boils down to this: everything I do matters to God.

Baked Potato Soup - Need a good soup recipe?  This one looks DE-LI-CIOUS!!!  I'm printing it out and giving it a whirl.  If I make nothing else in this fall season, I MUST try this soup.

My Fitness Pal - I just had to throw this link in here because I use the website all the time and love it.  It helps me keep track of my food intake and exercise and is helping me to lose weight.  It has a database of food that is quite comprehensive, and whatever isn't in the database can be added using the nutritional info off the back of any package.  It's also a FREE service, which is the best part.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. They look interesting links and will indeed check them out - especially the Fall into Reading and Whatever - Have a good day, Judith

  2. I haven't participated in the Fall into Reading challenge in a while...might this time, though. I *love* figuring out what I'm going to read as much as I love to read!


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