Friday, September 17, 2010

Let Me Check My Calendar!

I'm not certain as to whether I should love or hate Culver's, home of the Butter Burger.  I'm on their e-mailing list.  Not sure why I signed up, except maybe I thought I'd get free ice cream, or something.  I've only been there twice in the last two years.  Last week they sent me the most awful email, and I've kept it in my inbox just to punish myself.  At least, I don't know why else I would keep it.

I know you think I'm talkin' crazy, but here's what they wanted to inform me of.  They feature a different flavor of ice cream every day in September.  They thought, just maybe, I would like to come in every day to their restaurant to taste the various flavors.

September Flavors
1 Chocolate Covered Strawberry
2 Peanut Butter Cup
3 Bananas Foster
4 Cookie Dough Craving
5 Caramel Cashew
6 Berries & Cream
7 Turtle
8 Chocolate Covered Strawberry
9 Mint Oreo
10 Heath Chocolate Almond
11 Twix Mix
12 Turtle Dove
13 Double Strawberry
14 Turtle
15 Chocolate Covered Strawberry
16 Cherry Cheesecake
17 Black Forest
18 Really Reese’s
19 Caramel Cashew
20 Berries & Cream
21 Turtle
22 Chocolate Covered Strawberry
23 Cashew Delight
24 Caramel Chocolate Pecan
25 Cookie Dough Craving
26 Oreo Overload
27 Raspberry Cordial
28 Turtle
29 Chocolate Covered Strawberry
30 Pumpkin Pecan
Do you know how much I want to drive there right now?  What is today?  September 17th?  Look, they're serving up Black Forest flavor today.  That sounds delicious! 
I think I want to LIVE at Culver's!!!


  1. Found you under 'Religion' :) I'm not much of an ice-cream person myself; however, the Raspberry cordial does sound delicious. Judith

  2. One of our new Chinese students loves caramel ice cream. Hmmm, today is caramel cashew day. I'll have to check to see if she's free for a scoop!

  3. God "giveth us richly all things to enjoy"--including ice cream, I believe! Go ahead and treat yourself. :) Tomorrow's "Really Reese's" sounds tempting to me!


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