Thursday, January 31, 2008

We Get to Keep Him

Rich has been suffering with a serious sinus infection for over a month. He finally went to see the doctor last week and had x-rays taken as well as blood work. His mucus membrane is swollen and his sinus cavity is packed! He went back today for a follow-up to see what exactly is going on in that sinus cavity of his, and the doctor said he has the worst sinus infection he has seen in a long time. Poor guy. His face hurts from the swelling and congestion.

Since his sinuses are so bad, the doctor decided to have him tested for allergies today because they happen to have an allergist right there at his office. Now we already know he has allergies because he's miserable every summer when he works out in the yard. We just didn't know the specifics.

He found out that he is allergic to everything outdoors... grass, crab grass, weeds, pollen, leaves. He also found out that he is not allergic to...



or Dixie

And the four of us are happy about that because it would've been really hard to say goodbye to...


Luv you, honey! ;)

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