Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just a Few Odds & Ends

Thanks for the sweet words offered over our loss of Bailey.  I really am fine, although it's strange not finding him in his typical favorite napping spots.  I had been praying that he would pass shortly because we had known he wasn't thoroughly enjoying life.  So this is answered prayer.

My body aches have subsided, so I'm back at work today.  My throat is the real culprit of my discomfort.  So I've been adhering to a strict regimen of Airborne three times a day and two garlic capsules four times a day.  I'm gonna beat this thing down, whatever it is.

And on an entirely different topic, if you think of the True Woman Conference pray for the event this weekend.  The first session starts tonight in Ft. Worth, Texas.  If you're at all interested in following the event, I know Tim Challies is going to be blogging from the conference on his site  You can also find a "play by play", so to speak, at the True Woman site.


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  1. Aw, I am sorry to read about your cat. After my 10-yr-old dog died last year, I gained a deeper compassion for people who lose pets. It hurts! I know we survive it, but nonetheless, we miss them just the same.

    Hope your throat feels better soon!


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