Sunday, November 15, 2009


I think my eye stopped twitching today. I can't remember a twitch at all. I probably hadn't mentioned it here, but last Saturday my eyelid started twitching frequently and hadn't stopped. Until today. I have had that happen before, but I never went looking for a reason. I just accepted that it's one of those goofy things our bodies do from time to time.

What I discovered through an internet search is that eyelid twitches are really a muscle spasm that signifies one of a few things...

1. Stress
2. Fatigue
3. Too much caffeine

Well, I could nix #3 off the list because I cut pop out about 3 months ago, and a cup of coffee every couple of days is on its way out too.

Stress? Well, the real question is, when don't I have stress? The degrees of stress vary from week to week. When the twitching started, I was not feeling stressed.

So that leaves fatigue. Now that could very well be the culprit. I have been feeling sluggish for months. Can't say for sure when I really started feeling it, though. I just know that I wake up feeling tired. I go to work and feel tired. I come home feeling tired. I walk on the treadmill and feel energized. I get off the treadmill and feel exhausted. I perk up after dinner, but then I'm tired again.

I mentioned it to my nurse practitioner the other day, and she ordered blood work to check my thyroid. I'll learn the results of the test this week.

I'm just tired of being tired. You know?


  1. I experienced this once, and I think mine was for the very same reason. It's funny, isn't it, how we can get used to something that is annoying to the point where we don't notice it when it's gone? I hope the doctor's figure out why you feel so tired and can get you some relief quickly!!

  2. I can relate with the eye twitching! I rarely have caffeine, but when I do (and it's usually a caffeinated iced tea) my eye twitches forever! I never realized stress could be a factor also...that may explain why it has happened a few times when I haven't been able to figure where the caffeine would have came from!

  3. My eyes twitch when I'm stressed. It bugs me, but it's a pretty regular thing, but less so since I'm no longer a student.

    I hope they figure out what's wrong!


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