Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nov. 4, Thankful for the Fat

Alright, I know you may laugh at my thankfulness for fat, but I am entirely serious. A few months ago I learned that saturated fat curbs your hunger and keeps you from having insulin spikes. So I started eating bacon and eggs with butter for breakfast. Wow! It makes such a difference to eat a fat full breakfast and be sustained until lunchtime. No more sneaking into Dad's stash in his office to eat a couple fun sized candy bars mid-morning because I'm starving. (By the way, his stash is for the grandkids, not himself.)

So... Thank You, Lord, for the fat. You definitely knew what you were doing when you created it.

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  1. What an awesome entry! :) So many times I find myself thinking that something that I stumble over doesn't have a purpose. But you're right, EVERYTHING has a God-intended purpose...even fat! :)

    BTW: My favorite breakfast is eggs with black beans...try it some time. :)


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