Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time for Random Dozen

You know what this picture means, right? Looks like Linda has some tough questions today.

1. If you could master one sport, what would it be?

Golf! It doesn't require speed, running, or playing on a team that's depending on you to make a play.

2. When you make a major purchase, do you go with your gut instinct, or do you do research to make an informed decision?

My husband and I do research. More my husband, but since he likes doing it, I just let him.

3. There is an old kids' game that says you can find out what your movie star name would be by using your middle name as your first name and the name of the street you grew up on as your last. What is your movie star name?

Anne Belmar

4. Would you rather give up your favorite music or your favorite food?

I believe I would rather give up my favorite food than favorite music. I have already given up some of my favorite foods like donuts and Oreos (and my flavored creamers are on their way to extinction too), but I can't do without my music. I love my Kari Jobe and Sara Groves because they speak to my heart.

5. There are two types of banana preferences. One is pristine yellow, almost to the point of being green; the other is spotty and more ripe. Which is your preference?

I prefer my bananas spotty and more ripe. As long as there is no green showing, a banana is perfect. They're sweeter that way.

6. Your favorite tree is?

A great big Maple. They were the kind that most of our neighbors had when I was growing up. There was one across the street from my house, and it had terrific shade. My friends and I would sometimes have a picnic lunch underneath it on a summer day. Good memories.

7. On a scale of 1-10, how tech savvy are you?

I think I'm a 7 on the techy scale.

8. Has H1N1 touched your family?

My niece and nephew both got a flu a few weeks ago, but the hospital wouldn't test them. They may or may not have had H1N1.

9. Are you an analytical person, or do you just accept things the way they are without questioning or scrutinizing?

Oh mercy, what a question for me! I question everything, analyzing every in and out of a thing. Rarely do I ever accept things the way they are. I've got to know the why.

10. Is your personality more like that of a dog, cat, or Koala?

I had to look up Koalas on Wikipedia just to find out what they are like. I didn't exactly know what Koalas do. Now that I know they sleep most of the time, have a slow metabolism and basically live on Eucalypt leaves, I can see I have nothing in common with them.

I guess I'm most like a cat. I'm fairly independent and sometimes aloof. I like to greet people on my own terms and don't like being pushed into anything I don't want to do. I like things to be my own idea.

11. Do you keep in touch with friends you made years ago?

Facebook has pretty much changed that for me. I never was one to keep in touch with friends from the past. It has been an interesting experience, and I do enjoy learning about where they are now and what's happening in their lives.

12. You are checking out at a grocery store. In the express lane, there are more people than the regular lanes, but of course, their load is less than those in the regular lanes. Which lane do you choose (assuming you qualify for the express lane) and why?

It would be a gut decision. One day I might choose express, and another day I might choose a regular line. It's something I weigh out at the moment and then go with my gut as to which line would move faster.

Well, that's all for me today. Be sure to visit Linda's blog for more Random Dozen.


  1. That darn facebook! Me too :) We have a lot of similar answers. Analytical, love Maples... Nice to "meet" you.

    p.s. at least in my neck of the woods the Health Dept. said that H1N1 is the ONLY strain of flu going around so if you've had flu you've had it and don't need tested. Most of us have had it. ACK! Hope your niece and nephew (was it) feel better!

  2. Ann Belmar sounds like an author :D

  3. Ah, analytical, but goes with your gut in the grocery line!

    Anne Belmar sounds like a 40's movie star - sophisticated. :)

  4. Love maple trees. So beautiful.

    Love your answer to #1. So true. LOL.

    I gave up the coffee creamers on a daily basis this year too and just very occasionally have them when at someone elses home.

  5. We gotta keep all our husbands apart! LOL


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