Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What I Learned This Week: Edition #5


I've learned a few things this week....

* I really love Dannon Light 'N Fit yogurt.  When we were without a fridge for days, it was the one thing I think I missed the most.  Even more than cheese.

* Prayer is essential in the seemingly not-so-important things in my life - even maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I can't believe the difference in my self-discipline since committing this area of my life to the Lord.  I know without a doubt that it's a result of prayer.

*  I can say no to food temptation and live to tell about it.  LOL!

*  Walking on the treadmill for 40 minutes is exhausting, if you're still trying to get back into exercising after a months-long break.  You might even need a nap when you're done.


Now join Jo-Lynne and her blogging friends over at Musings of a Housewife to see what everyone else has learned this week. 

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  1. That yogurt is my favorite too! We always have it in our fridge.

  2. Have you tried the cherry vanilla? It's dreamy!

    As for the nap after the treadmill, naps are a good thing! Have you considered taking one before the treadmill, too? :o)

  3. I totally have to get back on the treadmill as I have taken a month long break! Good for you for getting back on it!

  4. oo I am living to tell about saying no to food also.. I totally thought it was going to kill me though :-P Good luck! I need to also give it to God more than I do.. thanks for the reminder.

  5. When we had remodeled our kitchen we were out of a fridge too. NOT FUN. I never want to go through that again!

  6. I am sorry but walking on the treadmill bores me to sleep! I am SO not good at that! I have to be outside walking or running (but I don't do that either)

  7. You are so right that it's exhausting to get back into the exercising routine. Good for you for pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

  8. You are inspiring me! I expect prayer, exercise, and a better diet would go a long way towards improving my outlook on life. I'm so glad to hear you're having success!


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