Saturday, March 28, 2009

Then Sings My Soul: "Call On Jesus"


My selection today is a song I enjoy playing when I really need a faith boost, which means I play it frequently.  This life is hard, and I need to be reminded all the time that God is always there, ready to pour out His grace for my trial and temptations.  I'm so quick to forget. 

My favorite lines in Nicole C. Mullen's song, Call On Jesus, are...

Sometimes I'm hiding away

From the madness around me

Like a child who's afraid of the dark.

But when I call on Jesus

All things are possible.

I can mount on wings like eagles and soar.

I often feel like hiding.  Life doesn't make sense to me much of the time.  At times it feels like the world has spun off course, and I'm not sure I can hang on any longer.  Life hurts.  But this song reminds me that Jesus is there, and He's just waiting for me to call on Him to rescue me from despair, discouragement and giving up in the battle.

So today, enjoy one of my favorite songs... Call On Jesus.

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  1. This song was one that I held to a year and a half ago when my husband of 15 years left me. And guess what, ALL THINGS WERE POSSIBLE when I called on Jesus. He restored my soul AND our marriage!
    wonderful song to uplift and encourage!!

  2. Girl...I love this song! I am so glad you reminded me of it. I have not heard it in a while.
    So gald that we can "Call on Jesus"!
    Have a Fabulous Day!

  3. I love Nicole and that song. I remember it being shown on the video with music at Wal-Mart when I worked there. I thought that was wonderful.

  4. Thank you so much. I LOVE how God has been ministering to me since I got home through music. This song has blessed me so much.

    I just got back home from standing on the side of the road. One of our soldiers have come home. His body did. We are Canadian. From Toronto Ontario, to his home town Port Col borne, an hour and a half away, people have stood on the side of the road, to stand for this family in support, respect, and love as they traveled to lay their beloved one's body to rest.

  5. I don't know how many times i have put this song on in the last few months to help me get through some very rough times. It speaks so true that when we call on Christ anything is possible even when Drs and statistics stand against us.

  6. I, too, love this song. I could hear it in my head as I was hearing the words, before I even clicked play. Just beautiful!

  7. love love love this song!

    thanks so much for the blessing tonight.



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