Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's Just What I Wanted

My dad is out in California this week for the Shepherd's Conference being held at John MacArthur's church.  Dad goes every year and comes home with a suitcase full of new books, either that he purchases or are given to all the pastors as gifts from the conference.  Of course, he always enjoys rolling his suitcase into the office his first day back to work and showing me all of his new treasures, while I ooh & aaah over the titles.

So I get a call from him today, asking me about the new personal-sized NASB MacArthur Study Bible in leathersoft that I've been interested in purchasing.  They had them for sale at the table at half price, and Dad wanted to know if I would like him to pick one up for me. 

YEEEES!  I definitely want one! 

nasbI don't have a NASB yet, but I've been reading some scripture online in that translation and have enjoyed it.  I already own a MacArthur study Bible in NKJV and have used it well.  I thought I would enjoy a different translation and a lighter-weight Bible for carrying to church and Bible studies.

So I'll be getting one of these pretty Bibles when Dad returns.  I can't wait! 

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  1. This came to me at just the right time! My 2 year old gleefully tore all of Genesis and half of Leviticus out of my Bible while I showered, completely unaware. Ignorance is bliss, because when I discovered I was very upset. This is the Bible I've been using since I was 12. :(

    So...I've been needing a new (complete) Bible. I will have to check this one out!

  2. I always enjoy getting a new Bible. I personally prefer the NASB translation as it's what I'm most familiar with it.


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