Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Randomness: I'm Healed

Randomness Friday It's a good thing I went over and read Andrea's (Under Grace & Over Coffee) post today.  She was talking about her runner's knee injury and some other pain she's having, and something dawned on me, all-of-a-sudden like.

My wrist doesn't hurt anymore!

For about 2 months I had been feeling a pain in my wrist when I'd put pressure on my hand, like when I'd get in the car and press my hand on the seat to help shimmy myself over into the seat squarely.  It hurt every time but only when I put pressure on it.  It had started hurting even worse after a month, and I was sure I was going to have to see a doctor or do something about it.

But just now after reading her blog and being reminded of that pain, I put pressure on it and felt nothing.  So when did it stop hurting?  I don't even remember the last time it hurt.  Believe me, I had tried bending my hand back and forth, turning it this way and that, really putting pressure on it, but it just wouldn't budge.  It felt like it needed to be cracked but wouldn't crack.  And now?  No pain!

Well, isn't that just somethin'.

Hey, do me a favor.  Go over to Andrea's blog and check out some other Friday Randomness.  She's real nice and will be happy to see you.

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  1. I'm so glad you're wrist feels better! Isn't that funny when we stop noticing the pain and then realize it just isn't there any more?! Maybe it means you were getting good at coping with it!

    Have a great weekend - and I think you're real nice, too! ;)

  2. Your wrist! It has been healed. : )

    How fun to read your Caffeinated Randomness!

  3. So glad your wrist is feeling better!

  4. Thats great news about your wrist! :) Congratulations & happy randomness!


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