Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Randomness: Some Thoughts

Randomness Friday Is it Friday Randomness today?  Oh good!  Because this is going to be a totally random post.  I know I'm posting it really late, but better late than never.

Just a few thoughts going through my little head...

1.  Why do I love, love, love going to the library, checking out a book, and then I let it sit here on my end table without reading a word of it?  It makes no sense to the bibliophile within me.

2.  Why is it that I hate change so much, yet I can't stand my blog's design for more than 2 months at a time?  I've been browsing for a new design again, although I haven't found one that I like yet.  Such a paradox.  I'm fickle yet committed.

3.  We ordered Chinese takeout for dinner tonight.  Why would they change their menu listing Teriyaki Chicken to calling it Chicken on Sticks?  Really?  Chicken on Sticks?  If it's Teriyaki Chicken, then why don't they call it that?

4.  Will I ever learn that I can't lift heavy objects anymore?  I have neck and shoulder issues, and you'd think I'd finally get a clue and ask for help.  Nope.  Not Liz.  She thinks she can just do everything by herself.  Today it was a big shipment of books that arrived at the church.  Thought I could just carry those babies into the office if I lifted with my lower body strength.  WHAT lower body strength?!?  Wise up, girlfriend!

5.  I'm blog-happy.  I've enjoyed having new people come by the last couple weeks and finding myself some new blogs to read.  If you're new here, I'm glad to have ya.

6.  I received my new MacArthur NASB study Bible today.  (It was in the box of heavy books from thought #4 above.)  It's pretty, and I'm looking forward to getting to know it.

7.  First Place and weighing-in is tomorrow morning.  Ooooh, let's not talk about it.

And this officially concludes my randomness for today.  Not enough for ya?  Click on over to Under Grace and Over Coffee for another serving of Friday Randomness.

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  1. It's still Friday, so you're not late at all!

    I hear you on the lifting thing. I really did a number on my knee again this week during my workout, after not letting it rest long enough to get better from last week's abuse. And I remember when I hated exercising!

    Also, Chicken on Sticks? Seriously?

    I'm so glad you played along!

  2. Liz,
    I wonder about those people who go to the library and check out 30-40 books (adult size..not kiddie)? I know they are never going to read them in the 3 week alotment time nor the 9 week alotment time with 2 renewals....why oh why do they do that? Are they afraid that the books won't be there the next time they come back? I wouldn't worry about one book on your bedside table that hasn't been's all about mood. Sometimes you check out a book and it comes bedtime and your just not in the mood to read it. It makes perfect sense to me.

  3. I am totally guilty of the library book thing. I might even be paying for the new library wing with my overdue fees on the books that I don't read.

  4. Chicken on sticks? LOL It reminds me of the weird translations that we would see on menus from overseas. Sometimes literal is not best.


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