Friday, December 12, 2008

Please Pass the Tissues

I've tried fighting off my cold with Airborne, but I think I was too late in taking it yesterday.  I really should've taken it on Monday when I sneezed about 10 times that morning.  If I had known it was a pre-cursor of the mucous to come, I surely would've done something more preventative.

I'm congested, my nose is running, and I sneeze from time to time.  I'm just glad I don't feel worse.  I know I COULD feel worse, but this is a pretty mild colds go.

At this point, I believe I will be able to make it through the play practice tomorrow and the performance on Sunday night.  Typically when I'm sick, I feel the worst in the first couple of days, and as I said, I'm not feeling horrible.  I should be good to go.

Thanks to those who mentioned they are praying for me.  I know this is just another opportunity to rely on the grace of God for the tasks in front of me.  When I am weak, then I am strong.

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