Friday, March 07, 2008

Not Feeling So Well

Hey, guys. I was looking forward to telling you about my lunch date with my sister today with pictures, but about the time I got home this afternoon I started feeling feverish with chills, aches and the feeling that I am quickly fading away.

I don't know what my temp is yet because the dumb thermometer I used is digital, and after it said "OK", then it said, "Lo". It registered 98.8, but I KNOW I feel worse than .2 degrees above normal. I'll have to re-check with the old stand-by.

Rich is gonna head out to the store to find me some Tylenol or something. I just told him to get me one of everything cuz I hate feeling like this.

I'll check in soon.


  1. That stinks! I hope you have a speedy recovery, Liz!

  2. That's crazy! You seemed fine to me this afternoon!


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