Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can Anything Top a Donut?

After struggling for over a month with my First Place commitments, I finally decided to get with the program last Sunday.  Sometimes all it takes it one little conversation to kick your butt.  Ya know?   Like when someone nicknames you "Donut Girl".  {ahem}  Or when the other girls in the program are looking around to see how much visible weight everyone has lost, and you look the same as you did before Thanksgiving. {cough}

Okay, so I got back "with it".  I wrote down my food servings faithfully, and I overcame some serious temptations.  It resulted in a weight loss Saturday, so I felt a celebration coming on.  What's a girl to do to celebrate?  Girl Scout cookies?  NO.  A lovely chocolate-covered yeast donut?  NO.  (gotta lose that Donut Girl moniker)  A steak burger, fries, and large milkshake?  NO. NO. NO.  None of those were options.

So after I went for a much needed visit to the chiropractor, I stopped at Walmart on my way back to town.  I thought a new pair of jeans were in order, since I had one pair that was dying a very painful death.  In a smaller size, of course.

I found these...


Lee Riders Bootcut Mid-Rise Stretch Jeans.  And they are FABULOUS.  In a size smaller than my old ones.  They definitely beat a donut any day.


  1. Woo-hoo! Yea for the skinny jeans!

  2. kat (above) has a great saying in her kitchen, NOTHING TASKS AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS!


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