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3/3/08 - Shall We Gather At The River?

3/3/08 - Shall We Gather At The River?
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Being a church secretary I see all sorts of interesting things during office hours. There's a man who lives across the street from the church, who walks his dog every single morning in our parking lot. We have a bus driver who does a turn-around through our parking lot every school day, sometimes giving me a "good morning" wave as we pass when I arrive for work. Such very typical daily happenings.

Once in awhile we have the unexpected, which I guess keeps things exciting. Like the day a baby snake found its way into the foyer, and I had to shoo him out with a broom. {shudder} Or like the day I smelled smoke from the office, only to find a fire had started out back of the parking lot, completely unexplained, and the brush was ablaze. That was our first call to the fire department and something I'd rather not experience again.

Then one day about a month ago, I noticed this scene out back. Geese...everywhere! It looks as if they find our acreage to be a sort of pond to hang out at, a sort of watering hole. They are so curious to me, and I just had to snap a picture today. Unfortunately, this only shows half the gaggle. Isn't that amazing?

The pastor is wondering who's gonna do the clean up come spring, though. Yikes! I don't believe that's in my job description.

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  1. The baby snake incident, was that recently? Just wondering...


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