Monday, March 10, 2008

3/10/08 - Sick(ening)

3/10/08 - Sick
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This is what I was looking at this morning after my weekend of illness. It's what happens when a wife gets a stomach bug for three days and her husband gets a chest cold at the same time. It looks like the clothes hamper threw up, and there's only two of us.

Apparently I am currently wearing a dirty t-shirt and went out in public wearing it. At least it was under my coat. I assumed the husband had been busy helping with laundry this afternoon while I was taking a 3-hour snooze and that the two baskets in the room were clean. So I grabbed a t-shirt out of one of them. Later I found out there was one clean basket and one dirty, and I had not chosen wisely.

I wonder who will be folding?

I thank each of you who expressed get-well wishes for me over the weekend. I think I'm making a comeback.


  1. Welcome to my wonderful world of nanny life....try keeping up with your own laundry and 3 kids too! I get smarter about different things each job I get...and this time...I am doing laundry DAILY! It makes it so much easier!!

  2. Thankfully you do not have four kids, you would have more than one hamper erupting! I am glad you are feeling better. I hope to see a new picture with your new glasses soon!


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