Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Things About Camp

Things I DON'T miss about camp:

  1. The spiders in the outhouse
  2. Watching out for the snake at the outhouse
  3. Mosquitoes
  4. Spraying myself with bug spray every time I walk out the door
  5. Storms
  6. Losing power in the cabin, not once but twice
  7. Hearing a child ask for the 10th time, "When are we going swimming?"

Things I DO miss about camp:

  1. My nieces and nephews
  2. My rollaway bed (yes, I actually enjoy sleeping in it)
  3. The early morning sounds coming through open windows
  4. Not having to prepare meals
  5. Bike riding
  6. Watching the sunset
  7. Having devotions with the girls
  8. Getting tan
  9. Being away from "real life"
  10. Being spiritually stretched
  11. The feeling of being needed by 6 little girls



  1. Welcome back! I think "not having to prepare meals" would have been my favorite part! People sometimes complain about camp or cafeteria food, but I tend to like anything other people make. :)

  2. @Amy, we are very blessed to have a lady who loves cooking for a crowd to make our meals at camp. Also, we have a group of only 20-25 people at our camp, which makes it a little easier to prepare for. The kids always enjoy coming to camp just to eat what she makes.

  3. That sounds great--what a blessing!!


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