Friday, July 02, 2010

True Womanhood: Part 3

This is the third installment of a series of posts I will be writing on the book Voices of the True Woman Movement by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  I received a complimentary copy from Revive Our Hearts ministry just for sharing my thoughts on each chapter.

Chapter 3: You've Come a Long Way, Baby!  by Mary Kassian

In this chapter Mary Kassian takes us back through the history of the Feminist Movement.  It was good for me to read up on it because I wasn't aware of what influenced the major swing toward feminism, which pervades our society today.

Basically, women decided they must abandon the Judeo-Christian model of womanhood, and they needed to create their own truth about who they were, who men were, and who God is because they were tired of being treated like second-class citizens.  At least, that's how they perceived themselves to be treated. 

As the movement progressed, women fought the model of submission to gain equality with men and eventually to viewing themselves as better than men.  They desired to remove the gender differences. 

As I read through the background of feminism, I found it so disheartening to see how quickly was the downward slide of values and morals in both women and our society as a whole.  My dad has made the statement that you can measure the morality of a society by the values and morals of its women.  How sad is the state of women in America today, and it is a reflection of how morally depraved we are as a nation.  Women dress provocatively, speak crassly and crudely, and they vie for independence and superiority, seeing no need for men.

But where is God?  Does a woman need Him?  If we throw out the Bible's model of a true woman, there is no room for God.

Quoting Mary on page 68,

As Christians, we must allow God to name Himself, to name His world, and to name male and female.  This belief contains the only hope for getting life right.  The only hope for discovering our true identity and purpose.  The only hope for untangling the gnarled, knotted mess that sin has made of gender and relationships.  The only hope for experiencing ever greater measures of healing and joy.  And above all, the only hope for reflecting and exalting the beauty of the gospel and the glory of God.

There is that phrase again... the glory of God.  You see, that's always the desired end of God and His people.  We can't glorify Him when we're vying for independence and control and trying to make our own rules and determining our own roles.

I rather find that if I'll follow God's ways and set myself to walk out my role as He has established it to be, there is a contentment there.  There is a peace that comes in trusting that God's way is right. 

Why can't we let Christ be our identity?  Not our marriage.  Not our children.  Not our singleness.  Not our career path.  Not our education.  Just be settled on being a woman who loves the Lord with all her heart and obeys His Word, and God will give you a contented heart in whatever season you are in.


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  1. Bravo! The real issue is not, "What sex am I?" but "Who is my God? Who do I belong to? Who is the fulfillment of all that I seek and all that I am?" The real fulfillment in life is not establishing my independence -- in pride, identifying myself with non-other than Satan-- but having the freedom to look just like Jesus who said, "I have come to do Your will, O God." Great review, Lizabeth!


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