Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Valley

Dear Lord, I don't want to walk this way, through this dark valley.  I've never been this way before, and....I'm afraid.  The darkness is oppressive, so much that it hurts.  I can't see what's up ahead, Lord.  I can't see!

But... if this is the path You're taking, Lord, then I'll go with You.... because I want to be with You.  I need to be with You.  I have to be with You!

So I'll go Your way, Lord.  I'll walk beside You all the way.  Just... could You hold my hand a little tighter?  And please speak Your sweet words of comfort to me as we go.  You always seem to know just what to say.

We're going to be the closest of friends.  Aren't we, Lord?


  1. (((HUG)))

    As much as I hate the unknown, unpleasant, and uncertainties, those were the times where I've grown closest to my Lord.

  2. What a beautiful relationship we have with our Lord. His presence is all we need in any situation. Just to know He's near is enough. Thanks for sharing this. I loved it.


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