Friday, February 12, 2010

Chat Pack - Snow

Hello, faithful readers.  Are you glad Friday has arrived?  I am, not only because it's the start of the weekend, but because it means it's time for another Chat Pack question.  I am enjoying the Chat Pack.  It gives me a blogging a random sort of way.

Today's question is short and sweet.  The topic is quite timely, since we've been getting a lot of snow here in northern Indiana this week.

If snow could fall in any flavor, what flavor would you choose?

My answer is CHOCOLATE, but of course!  And since they're asking, I think snow should come in different flavors of chocolate.  Dark Chocolate.  Milk Chocolate.  White Chocolate.  Maybe the flavor could be dependent on the type of snowfall we get (lake-effect or system snow) or which direction the wind is coming from.  I would totally go for that.

What flavor would YOU prefer in snowfall?  Leave an answer in the comments, or feel free to answer the question on your own blog and link back.


  1. Hi Liz-
    I'm Judd Corizan from the meme Sunday Stealing. ( I thought I'd take the time to invite you and all Random Dozen players to join us this and every Sunday. We have a group of great players who participate. We usually post by 3PM Eastern time on Saturdays.


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