Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday - Goals


So it's another Top Ten Tuesday with OhAmanda, and I thought I might tell you my top 10 goals for the next couple months. 

1.  Make an appointment at the vet for Dixie's teeth to be cleaned.

2.  Lose the rest of the weight I need to, in order to reach my goal.

3.  Ride my bike.

4.  Paint the kitchen.

5.  Go shopping for new clothes at the outlet mall after I get to my goal weight.

6.  Read two novels.

7.  Paint something at the local pottery studio.

8.  Go for a walk at the park.

9.  Spend time with friends I haven't seen in awhile.

10. Learn whatever it is that God is trying to teach me during this season in my life.

Now it's time to go visit OhAmanda's blog.  You'll find many other bloggers with Top Ten lists, too.

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  1. Those are great goals! Maybe soon you can do a top ten of the goals you met!!!

  2. I love your goals!

    I hope you are able to meet all of them!

  3. sounds like you will be busy. With the Lords help you will accomplish all of it

  4. Great goals!!! I look forward to hearing about your progress!

  5. What great goals. Good luck in achieving them!

  6. Great list! I hope you are able to accomplish all of them w/out any snags!

  7. Thanks, everybody. Most of these goals are achievable. A couple are "iffy". We'll see how it goes.


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