Saturday, May 23, 2009

Think It's Too Much?

About a month ago I joined, thinking it would sort of help me keep track of the books I'd like to read and be able to rate them and review them when I finish, if I so choose.  For whatever reason, I am easily entertained by interactive tools like this.

I've continued adding books to my to-read "pile" because I kept finding interesting book reviews on everyone's blogs, but I didn't realize how long my list had grown until yesterday.  Here's the montage of my ambitious reading list:


Did you count them?  That's 17 books.  SEVENTEEN!  At the rate I read books, it's going to take me two years to finish all these.  Aiy Aiy Aiy!!!  Granted, I will be reading one non-fiction and  one fiction book simultaneously, but really.  You know it usually takes me a month to finish a book.

Hello.  I'm Liz.  And I'm a book glutton.

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1 comment:

  1. Nothing wrong with that! I have a list 5 pages long (front and back). It'll take me a lifetime, and that's if I focus just on the list!


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