Friday, May 01, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness - Dreamer or Doer?

Let's take randomness to it's full potential today and do a quiz, shall we?

You Are a Doer
You are primarily concerned with what is actual. You tend to be a practical person.
You love to stay busy, and you are always immersed in projects.

You are in touch with your senses, and you enjoy indulging them. You're likely a crafter of some sort.
You crave different sensations in life, whether it's working with your hands, playing sports, or eating your favorite meal.

Hmmm... I'm a doer, huh?  I guess I do like to get crafty, as long as I have some direction and focus.  I am not one to stay busy or always immersed in a project, though.  Randomness FridayObviously, you can tell by my blogging frequency.

There's lots more Caffeinated Randomness to be had at Under Grace And Over Coffee.  Click on over, why dontcha.

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  1. I'm pretty sure this quiz would have me as a doer, because as a general rule, I do like to be doing something. Of course, you wouldn't have been able to tell yesterday - I took laziness to a whole new level! :P I had an unexpected week off this week, so I made sure to enjoy it to its fullest!

  2. This must have come from blogthings... I love their quizzes.

    I have a feeling I am more of a dreamer. I guess I'll have to go find out now, won't I? ;-)

  3. Well I am a dreamer :) I think I am a good combination of both! But what a fun quiz :)

    Have a lovely weekend!


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