Friday, May 22, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness - Daydreaming

In conclusion to the "I'm Losing It!" post, it has been determined that I need a vacation.  This comes from the general consensus of 3 people... my in-real-life friend Dana, my blogging friend Ronnica, and me, of course. 

If you know me at all, you don't need to ask where I want to go.  And if you don't know me, I'll give you a hint.  The destination I daydream about looks a little like this...


Okay, it looks a lot like this. 

This morning while I was folding bulletins, I turned on to listen to my Disney tunes.  A Dream Is A Wish your Heart Makes came on, you know, the theme from Cinderella?  My thoughts went back to when I was a child, walking through Cinderella Castle and looking at the mosaic of scenes from the story of Cinderella.  I remember eating in the restaurant in the castle, drinking fruit punch from the chilled goblets and thrilling over the cold pats of butter that were in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head.

I could almost smell Cinderella Castle in my memory, and it made me want to be there.  I imagined the thrill I might have if at that very moment I could be transported to that place and have my husband take a picture of me standing there in front of the mosaic.  There would surely be a look of glee on my face.


Yeah, I'm ready for a vacation.

Randomness FridayThis is a pretty random daydream of mine.  If you'd like to see  the randomness of some other bloggers, check out Under Grace And Over Coffee for some caffeinated randomness.


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  1. :) I love Disney World it is just so magical...and FUN!

    You have lovely daydreams!

  2. That is exactly where hubby and I went 23 years ago tomorrow for our honeymoon. I'm dreaming also to bring my children (well young adult children and young tween daughter) there one day soon....SIGH....

  3. That sounds fun!

  4. Any chance at a vacation anytime soon?

  5. Liz, I love your posts on Disneyworld. I remember the first time I went. I was 12. My mom and I started planning 6-7 months in advance. I didn't know much about disney then, except that I really wanted to go. My mom told me that I could plan the trip, she just wanted to go. I remember getting my first birnbaum book and devouring it. I learned everything (at the time) about the when where and hows of everything. I remember being able to stay at the polynesian and my first view of their tropical foyer. I remember the luau and the hoop-dee-doo revue. These were the days when animal kingdom and mgm were still in the imagineers heads. These were the days where you could make your meal reservations the day of and not 6 months in advance. I remember leaving the MK on that first trip and just wanting to cry 'cause I never knew if I'd make it back. I've been to Disney, now, about a dozen times and it's still as magical as the first time...We are hoping to go again a year or 2. It's been 3 years since I've been and that's way too long. :D


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