Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Finding Freedom in Prison

I'm sorry there's no Chat Pack vlog today.  I ran out of time, and I'm not about to whip out the Flip Video at this point in the day. 

Instead, I have something of higher quality for you to view today.  I'd like you to watch this video from Revive Our Hearts, which was something they showed us at the True Woman Conference.  God is using this prison ministry to change women's lives, bringing them freedom even in imprisonment.  It's very moving.

Stacey Smith, who you will see in this video, was one of the workshop speakers at the conference.  I wish you could hear her whole story.  She is a trophy of God's grace. 

You will see the women performing a song in sign language, and that's one of the ways Stacey worships the Lord now.  She said that she had used and abused her body to do so much evil that she wanted to use her body in a way that brought glory to God.  She decided she could learn sign language to minister in music.

I hope this uplifts your spirit and causes you to glory in the Lord because of his healing power.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much Liz! This made me cry! Seriously, Its what I realized just a few days ago.....And its all so very real to me. Wow! Also thinking about what anger can do to a person. Wow!


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