Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Weekend Recap

I had a very full weekend, and I'm still tired from all of it. 

On Sunday our church celebrated its 20th year.  Now there is a lot that goes into preparing for a big anniversary celebration at church, but I will spare you the details of the very awful morning I had Friday as I was trying to prepare the bulletin, which included printing, folding, and stuffing 275 of them by hand.  My own two little hands.  Normally I only prepare 130, so you can see how I might have had my work cut out for me.  Especially when you have errors in the first bulletin printing and have to throw them all away, all 275 of them, and start over 45 minutes before quitting time.  Yep, I will just spare you of that very ugly story.

Sunday was a very exciting day, but a busy one for me as the pianist.  Our first senior pastor was invited to speak, as well as our former associate pastor, who moved away almost a year ago.  We had several folks come for services who used to attend, so it was a good time of reunion.  Needless to say, our church was FULL.  We managed well, though.  Nobody was spilling out into the aisles or anything.

We had our dinner catered, and it was so good.  The weather was great... mid-70's, breezy, sunshine... very nice for eating outside under a tent.

We also changed up our services.  Rather than having an evening service at 6:00, we moved it up to 2:00 so people could stay after church and play games and such. 

Rich and I didn't stay to play.  I didn't have any play left in me after piano duties, singing special music, and all the emotions of the day.  We went home and relaxed, and while relaxing, we decided to order pizza and wings, too.  Because that would create even greater feelings of relaxation.  We were all about the relaxation.  Apparently I was hungry, and Rich didn't mind pointing out that I had eaten more than him.  Whatever.  A girl has to renew her strength after a day like that.

At 7:00 the exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks.  It was pretty weird.  I was able to fight it off with some Diet Pepsi and then a little ice cream (low fat, of course).  I managed to get a second wind and stayed up until 11:00.  Yeah, I'm crazy that way.

So now it's Tuesday, and I'm still tired.  Does anyone know how to cure tired?



  1. Oh, I know I can relate to finding the error right before you're almost done!!! But at least it sounds like you had a great anniversary service!

  2. Oh Liz....I feel your pain! BTDT with the bulletins - more than once, sad to say! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful weekend!

  3. Mid-70s in August? Where in the world do you live...Northern Canada?

    I'm going to prescribe you an extra-long night of sleep. I think it's just what you need. I have a case of the tireds too, so I probably should do the same. My problem is definitely the Olympics...I just HAVE to stay up! And tonight won't be any better since I have class at 7:30 tomorrow morning (otherwise I wouldn't be up until 7:45). Yikes!


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