Monday, August 04, 2008

A Storm is Brewing

The tornado sirens are blaring now.  Do you think I should live-blog the storm on its way?  I'm just watching the weather right now to see how close it is to my town.  It's still minutes away. 

I'm not so much afraid of the incoming storm.  I'm more annoyed that I'm supposed to go to the basement.  I'm also annoyed that this tornado warning is in effect until 11:00, and I'm REALLY TIRED tonight.  I just want to go to bed, not stay up for another 35 minutes to see if a tornado is heading for my house.

Rich just got up to see if he was hearing a fire engine or a tornado warning siren.  I told him it's a tornado warning, and he just went back to bed.  You can see we're having the good times here tonight in Indiana.

Woot!  {read that with sarcasm}

1 comment:

  1. I hope you made it through safe and sound.

    I miss tornado sirens. I really do. If I were to hear one again (which probably won't happen for awhile; I never visit Kansas in the summer) I'd probably get all nostalgic. There's that, and the thought that we don't have tornado sirens which creeps me out. What if there was a tornado and I don't wake up to check the weather?


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