Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Latest Discoveries

Hey, have you missed me?  It's okay if you say no.  Just so as you know that I've missed you.

How appropriate that my blog is called Discovering Liz because I sure am making some more discoveries about myself.  Here are the latest:

Discovery #1:  I prefer Hazelnut creamer to French Vanilla.  I've been drinking Hazelnut for months, and yesterday I bought French Vanilla because that's what I used to drink. seems like my taste buds have become accustomed to Hazelnut, and we will be switching back ASAP.  Until the switch is made, I have no idea how this will affect my morning office routine.  It may just throw me off entirely.  {sigh}

Discovery #2:  If you become a runner and then stop running for a week or longer, your body will revolt.  I cannot believe the aching in the back of my legs as I sit in this chair right now.  I've been feeling this for days, and this is unacceptable.  And is it possible that my thighs have increased by 2 inches in size?  Good grief, I think my jeans are cutting off the circulation in my legs!  I better get myself right over to the park and run my little heart out.  It seems this has become a matter of survival now.

Discovery #3:  I like tapioca pudding.  Why did it take near to 36 years of my life to find this out?  Could it be that parents do an injustice to their young children when they tease them and describe tapioca as fish eyes or fish eggs?  What child in their right mind is going to try anything described as fish eyes? 

That's why it is often of great benefit in adulthood to surround yourself with the kind of people who influence you to self-improvement and to see things differently from your preconceived notions, which is the method by which I came to the knowledge of the tapioca enjoyment.  A small circle of friends had a discussion over the tapioca one day.  Is it a root?  Is it a grain?  What is it exactly?  {It was a very spiritual conversation indeed.}  I took it upon myself to look it up on Wikipedia.  Seems it is derived from a root, and when tapioca grains are cooked they are described as pearls.  Pearls of tapioca.  Not eyes.  Nothing to do with fish.  Pearls!  Now, a girl can get into pearls, let me tell you.  So the next time I hit the Chinese buffet, I was trying the tapioca.  I liked it!  Guess what's in my fridge now...

Now go out and have a good day.  Eat some tapioca.  I highly recommend it.


  1. I tried tapioca pudding as a kid and liked it. And then someone said the fish eggs thing, and I wouldn't go back. But I know that I would like it. Maybe I'll get some the next time I'm at the store.

  2. Liz,
    You have a real gift for writing in a way that makes people want to read. I usually just scroll through people's blogs, but with yours I found that I was reading every entry on the page. What a gift!
    Candy Muhme-----I've just saved 1/3 of the money for our trip to disney next year and it only took me 8 months. I better save some more or we'll be sleeping in the parking lot. :D

  3. It's even better if you get some whipped cream and squirt some of that on top of it.

  4. We did miss you! I'm glad that you survived the storm!
    Way to be brave and try the fish eyes!
    Your body will get used to running again. Just give it a minute! :0)

  5. I DID miss you! I haven't been blog surfing at all lately. And I loved this post! So fun!!


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