Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Pondering of a Teacher

God surprises me sometimes.

Last Sunday I only had one student in my Sunday school class. That's not unusual, seeing as I have a class of four regular attendees. It's somewhat of a disappointment when the other students who are absent miss the lesson because the curriculum always builds on the previous weeks.

Well, you just won't believe what happened. Tonight the Bible lesson in Olympians club came from the same Bible passage that our Sunday school lesson came from. In order to fully grasp what that means, you have to take into account that our Olympians curriculum and our Sunday school curriculum are exclusive of each other.

During the lesson I sat there thinking about how God must really want my students to hear this lesson and learn these truths for Him to arrange it to work out this way.

Or maybe it's simply about me, and God wanting me to see Him in it and to ponder His sovereignty.

Either way I look at it... it's way cool.

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