Saturday, October 08, 2011

So This is What 39 Looks Like

Well... my birthday was on Thursday. I'm now the big 3-9! Thirty nine years old. How did that happen? I really don't feel 39, although, I'm not sure exactly how 39 is supposed to feel.

I remember being in my 6th grade classroom and daydreaming about getting older... like being 30. Honestly, I never thought I'd see 30. I have been expecting the imminent return of Christ. I truly thought that He would rapture me out of here before I ever experienced age 30.

Yet here I am at 39.

So as I was saying, it was my birthday. The funny thing about it was I woke up at 5:30 AM. I had the opportunity to sleep in, but my body seemed to think I had sufficient sleep.

I walked into the bathroom, turned on the dimmer of the two lights, and looked in the mirror. I never look in the mirror the minute I get up. I was shocked at what I saw. Right between my eyebrows were two crease lines. They're the ones that crease whenever I scrunch up my forehead when I'm worried or upset. And there they were, as if I had been scrunching my forehead ALL NIGHT.

Seriously? This is how I look first thing in the morning? I had no idea! And if I look like this at 39, what will I look like in 10 years?

So... this is 39. It looks to be an "interesting" year.

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  1. Happy birthday! Oh the dreaded crease lines. I am right there with you.


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