Monday, October 10, 2011

Musings Monday: Non-Fiction

The Musings Monday question for today is...What types of nonfiction do you read? Can do multiple choices.
 - e-books
- Mythology/Folklore
- Travel/Locations
- Humor
- History
- Art, including art history
- Science including forensics
- Gardening/Nature
- Political
- Financial/Economical
- Religious
- Self-help
- How-to books
- Books on writing
- Audio books
- Biography
- Autobiography
- Sports
- Architecture
- Fitness/Exercise/Nutrition/Beauty
- Other
- None of the Above

I read Religious and Biography.  Specifically, I read books on Bible doctrine and Christian living. I try to be in a biblical book all the time in addition to my fiction selections. I've never really been a fan of biographies, but after being required last spring to read Shadow of the Almighty (about the life of missionary Jim Elliot),  I realized how beneficial Christian biographies are. 

What kind of non-fiction do you read?
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  1. I am not a big non-fiction fan these days. In the past most of my non-fiction were reference books on various subjects... with the internet now, they tend to be out of date dust catchers.


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