Thursday, October 13, 2011

Buckle Up!

So yesterday I was driving to work. I was listening to my new favorite song and singing along. All of a sudden I felt a THUD, as if I had run over something. I was sure I hadn't seen anything in the road, so I couldn't understand why it sounded as if I had run over something.

I slowed down and looked in my rear view mirror, and much to my horror, I saw a cat darting across the street. It didn't look injured, but I must have hit it. There was nothing else in the road behind me, except the cat.

It made me gasp and clasp my hand over my mouth in unbelief. Where did the kitty come from?!? I love cats. I've owned five. I cannot believe I hit one, but I never saw it. He must've been a fast runner to get under my van and back out without major harm. As I said, it ran off and didn't appear injured. I'm hoping it simply got off with a scrape.

It's an obstacle course out there on the roads these days. Between the few dreaded intersections near my home and cats running out from nowhere, it's a wonder I can venture out there.

Buckle up, people. It's dicey out there.
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