Friday, December 11, 2009

That Holiday Feeling

It's December 11th.  I've been listening to Christmas music since two weeks prior to Thanksgiving.  I'm involved in the children's Christmas program at church.  I've watched portions of The Santa Clause and Home Alone movies on TV.  We've had snow.  The Christmas tree is up.

So...why don't I feel Christmas-y?

And then I ask myself, Is that very Christian-like?  Wanting to feel a feeling?  I know Christmas is all about Jesus' birth.  He is the Gift.  He was born to be my Savior.

It just seems like something is missing.  I've lost the excitement I had at Christmastime when I was a kid.  The anticipation of surprises, of the school Christmas concerts, of wishing for snow days, and the fun we had in visiting with cousins when we traveled to see our extended family for the holiday.  I guess I don't see anything wrong with feeling nostalgic about those things.  I miss that time in my life so much.

Does anyone know how to get that back?

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  1. I know personally, now as an adult, I can get so caught up in the "bustle" of the holidays that I have to stop and pause and dig down deep for that feeling. I think it's really hard to have the excitement/gratitude/dare I say even loving spirit this time of year with all the commercialism, and grumpy people! Take an afternoon, breathe deep, and look back through old family photos and see if you can recapture that feeling if only for a moment!


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