Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Day of Study

Since my friend is out of town who usually leads ladies Bible study on Tuesday, I have the privilege of leading it next week. Usually I do a book study, typically from my favorite preacher John Piper. This week I felt led to leave that book and do a study on Psalm 27 because it's special to me. There's a lot there that I think we miss if we just read over it and not understand it's deeper spiritual meaning.
So I've been studying this morning. From scratch. I am creating my own questions and reading over various commentaries... whew, it's tough. It's been really productive, though. I am enjoying the things I've already learned that go a little more beneath the surface stuff than I had already seen in months of meditating on it by myself.

One of the first observations that finally clicked in for me is the pattern that is laid out for being victorious in trial. First David preaches to himself. Then he prays for help to maintain his faith. Then this results in hope as he trusts the Lord and waits on Him. In all the times I've read Psalm 27, I never saw that progression before.

Maybe I'll share the rest in an upcoming blog another day. Only after the study on Tuesday is finished, of course. I can't be giving away any of the answers. :)

I better get back to the books now.

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