Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday = Tired

It's Monday.  I'm not sure why I'm tired.  I didn't go to bed too late last night.  It was around 10:00.  I guess Sundays are always just full for me and leave me feeling a bit "winded".  I told the church custodian that I think I'm gonna have to start taking Mondays off.  {Yeah, right!}

I have recently become a book review blogger for two different companies, and I flew through the pages of a new book over the weekend.  I am preparing to write a review on it, but  I'm thinking carefully about what my review will say because some things bothered me about it.  More to come on that later....

This Wednesday we start up our Bible club at church again.  It's always nice to start fresh, isn't it?  We're hoping to gain new kids this year, and from the sounds of it, we will be adding some.  As a leader I'm hoping to be able to come up with some fresh ideas to minister to the girls in my discipleship group.  I am never one who thinks outside the box very quickly.

Well, I better get out there and go for a nice, brisk walk.  Maybe that will infuse me with some needed energy.

Have a nice Monday.



  1. Hmmm, accidently deleted my comment. Trying again...

    We started our new year this week as well. The first night of Awana was CRAZY, but it always is at first. Hope your first night goes well!

  2. I'm looking forward to your book review! :)

  3. Amy, the book review won't be up until Sept. 13, so you'll have to wait two weeks. ;)

    Ronnica, I'm excited about Bible club tonight. It's an intro to the program, so it will be a little laid back.


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