Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dixie & the Doggy Bed

Rich brought home a doggy bed for our Sheltie, Dixie, the other day, and she's not really accustomed to having a bed like this.  The smaller ones we've given her previously she considered to be a big chew toy that she dragged around the living room and tried to eat.  We thought if she had a bigger doggy bed, she might not be so prone to dragging it around.

Whenever she lays on it we praise her saying, Good dog!  Lay on your pillow.  Good girl!  She finally started catching on, that this is something for her to sleep on.  Even as I'm writing this, she's konked out on the floor next to the bed.  {eye roll}

But guess who is trying to lay claim for the doggy bed now... Teddy, the cat!  Doesn't Dixie look so forlorn?  Rich captured this shot last night while I was out for the evening.

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