Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Chat Pack

One of the Christmas gifts I received is a very interesting tool that I have been getting ready to implement.  It's a Chat Pack, which is a box containing small cards with a single question written on each one.  The questions are meant to be used to generate conversations with people. 

Initially I laughed after I unwrapped it and realized what it was, thinking the gift had an underlying message.  Someone's telling me I need to improve on my communication skills.  {That's probably not far from the truth.}  Then I was pleased to learn that this was a tool to be used for my blog.  What a great idea! 

I've browsed through some of the questions in my Chat Pack, and I must say that most of them are dealing with things I've never given a thought to.  Many are going to be pretty tough to answer, yet others are quite simplistic.  In spite of that though, I want to utilize them regularly on my blog. 

I intend to designate Fridays for the Chat Pack, so come back tomorrow for the first Q&A.

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