Thursday, May 06, 2010

You Would Think...

You would think that a girl whose afternoon unexpectedly freed up would just find all sorts of ways to use that time in a productive way. 

Like she could...

  1. answer questions for the two Bible studies she needs to work on
  2. plan meals for the next week
  3. make a grocery list
  4. start reading one of the four library books she borrowed last Thursday
  5. study her Sunday school lesson

Yeah, any one of those things on the to-do list would have been productive.  But what did she do instead?  Played around with her Flip Mino camera.  And there may or may not have been lip syncing involved.  Just sayin'. 

In my defense, I really was working on my Chat Pack vlog post for tomorrow.  I just got a little distracted.

Oh, Flip Mino.  How I do love thee...



1 comment:

  1. today seemed to get away from everyone I have talked to so far, God must have intended a day for all of us to reflect on what we should be doing so next time we have "free" time we will use it to please Him.


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