Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogging and Your Family

When I read today's post at Gather Inspirit spotlighting Andrea of Under Grace and Over Coffee, there was something she said that grabbed my attention.  She said she,

...started blogging as a means to keep my extended family up-to-date on the happenings of our household. But then realized not one family member was reading it!

How many of you have done this as bloggers?  Did you anticipate that your family would read your blog?  Do they read your blog?

I'm very curious about this.  I know my sister and brother-in-law have read my blog at times, but I don't think they really keep up with it now.  My parents look at it occasionally, but usually only when I've told them there is a specific post that I really wanted them to see.  I'm also pretty sure that they don't know the URL for my blog.

So for me it begs the question.  Why don't our families read our blogs?  Is it that they don't "get" the blog thing?

Let me know if you have any insights. 

Just wondering...



  1. I don't know what it is. When I moved from Indiana to Florida, I created an online journal where I wrote with hopes of keeping my family (still in Indiana) abreast of my goings-on. They never really read it.

    When I started blogging almost a year ago, I did it for myself with the off-hand hope that just maybe, my family would read from time to time. As far as I know, my parents have never read my blog. My brother and sister MIGHT read it occasionally, because I often link to my blog posts from my facebook page. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and lots of cousins are on facebook, so they too see the links, but as far as I know they've never bothered to click over to my blog.

    I don't know why. I hate to sound passive-aggressive, but it really makes me question myself. These are people who love me. If they aren't interested in reading my blog, why would anyone else be?

  2. I know that my sister reads my blog, or at least she use to. No one in my family knows Jesus except for me, so I do not know that they read my blog. They never tell me that they do. My own dear husband has never read my blog, although I've read my blog to him on occasion!

  3. I did start blogging for friends/family, but not many read it (just a couple of friends). Now, my mom, SIL, and grandma read regularly, which I'm glad. I think family simply aren't interested in your opinions...they know them already!


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