Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shoe Shopping Woes

Does anyone else have a hard time shopping for shoes?  I was in the store the other day and thought I'd buy a pair of flip-flops.  (I'm new to the whole flip-flop thing because I didn't think that little thong between my toes would be comfortable.)  So I was browsing through the shoe department and came across a pair of wedge sandals on clearance.  And they were cu-UTE, too.

I put them on and walked around a little in the aisle and decided to grab them up at that price.  And because...did I mention...they were CUTE?

So I was very psyched about wearing my new wedge sandals to the office today.  They felt a little stiff at first when I slipped them on this morning.  No matter.  They will stretch and loosen up as I break them in today.

I went and filled my coffee cup, gathered my purse and keys, then headed out the door.  Ouch!  Walking in these cute sandals is really hurting my feet.  Hmmm... By the time I reached the garage and put my things into my van, I knew there was just no fighting it.  The pain of walking in those cute stinkin' sandals was never gonna be worth the sacrifice for wearing cool shoes.

I walked back to the house, hanging my head in disappointment over the loss of those sandals.  I just have to ask, How does a girl buy a decent pair of shoes if she can't get a feel for them in the store?

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  1. I don't have a problem with shoes and shoe-shopping. I love 'em, but am incredibly cheap, so I won't buy them unless I'm certain. But you can never go wrong with flip flops!


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